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just loui

Mangaka of RedFlower Stories & RedFlower.

Immersed since his early childhood in tales and legends from around the world, Loui developed a true passion for stories that initially led him to become a writer, only to redirect his path towards drawing when he discovered the power of Japanese storytelling through the famous One Piece. Eager to grasp the essence of manga, he left his homeland of Ghana at the age of 21 to unravel the mystery of “how to tell a good story.” Starting with a short stint at a manga school in France, he quickly turned to Japan to learn from several mangakas, and then to the Western world through the works of John Truby and Joseph Campbell. Eventually, he returned to his self-taught roots and embarked on publishing his first series, ‘Redflower Stories’. Today, the young Franco-Ghanaian author invites you to delve into his world, rich in African motifs and legends, fantastical tales of adventure and voodoo inspired by the stories of his childhood. Discover “RedFlower Stories” (2 volumes, self-published) and “RedFlower” (5 volumes to be published by Glénat starting in 2023).

Available: Manga books, Original Illustrations, Signing
Panel: 13:30 – 14:00 Πάνελ – Παρουσίαση: Just Loui – RedFlower: Η κουλτούρα της Αφρικής μέσα από Manga Σχέδιο. – Conference Room.

Ο Γάλλος mangaka Just Loui έρχεται στο AnimeCon: RUN Thessaloniki V και παρουσιάζει τα έργα του, που έχουν κάνει θραύση στην αγορά των manga της Γαλλίας. Ο Just Loui συνδιάζει την manga αισθητική με την κουλτούρα της Αφρικής σε μία shonen ιστορία μέσα στο manga RedFlower από τον εκδοτικό οίκο Glenant.

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